Chat Menus
Create persistent menus.
A chat menu can be set on some Channels, such as Messenger and WeChat, to help people discover and easily access your functionality during a conversation.
The Chat Menu on Facebook Messenger
Persistent Chat Menus are always available to Contacts and allow them to discover more content, visit websites, etc. They will automatically appear in a thread if the Contact returns after being away for a certain period of time.

Creating a Chat Menu

Step 1: Navigate to Settings Module > Channel Settings To create a chat menu for Channels that support them, navigate to the Settings Module on the platform using the side navigation bar.
Under the Settings Module, scroll down to the Channel Settings section.
Step 2: Select MENU option If your Channel supports the Chat Menu feature, it will have a MENU button for customizing your chat menu. Press this button to open the Chat Menu dialog.
Chat Menu
Step 3: Adding a menu option To add a menu option, you need to press the ADD BUTTON and select the appropriate button type
Button Type
A payload button will directly send a message with the button name as the message text. On the platform, the specified payload value will be received instead. The payload value is useful for creating specific Triggers for Automations.
A URL button will send the contact to the specified URL field when pressed. The webpage will be opened in a new tab.
A submenu button leads to a list of additional buttons. The submenu cannot be left empty. Follow Step 4 on how to add submenu options.
Tips: You can always rearrange buttons by clicking and dragging them around using the rearrange icon button on the left. To delete unwanted buttons, simply press the delete button
on the right.
Please take note that some Channels limit the number of buttons that can be displayed. Once the limit for the selected Channel has been reached, you will no longer be able to add more buttons.
Step 4: Allowing User Input
Some Channels have an option to disable user input. If you wish to restrict users to only using the chat menu options to interact with you, uncheck the Allow User Input option.
Unchecking this option will remove the chat message bar and prevent your audience from composing and sending their own messages.
It is recommended that you keep "Allow User Input" turned on, as disabling it restricts interaction with your audience.
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