Manage your subscription.

The Billing Module allows you to manage your subscription plan to platform. If you wish to make changes your current subscription plan, you can do it here. You can also look through your billing history.

You can navigate to the Billing Module from the user dropdown menu on the top right of the platform. Press on your account name to open the user popup menu and select the "BILLING" option.

The Billing Module

Upgrading Your Plan

If you are on the Free Plan, then navigating to the Billing Module will take you directly to the Select Plan Page where the available plans are detailed.

Upgrading Plan

This page summarizes the advantages of each plan. Apart from the starter Free Plan, we currently have 3 additional plans on offer:

  • Pro: Additional contacts and unlimited broadcasts per month.

  • Business: Even more contacts than the Pro Plan with unlimited Spaces and premium support.

  • Enterprise: A custom plan we build specifically for your enterprise.

Once you have made up your mind, select your plan by pressing the respective blue button at the bottom. Alternatively, you can press the grey "Contact Us" button if you wish to enquire about the Enterprise Plan.

If you have any questions about the different plans on offer, feel free to contact us.

The Billing Page

After choosing your desired plan, you will be taken to the main Billing Page where you can enter your payment information and view your billing history.

Billing Page

Your Plan

Here, you can see the plan that you have selected.

Selected Plan Section

Make sure to check if you have correctly selected the plan that you want. You can change your selected plan by pressing the blue "CHANGE" button.

If you have a coupon code, now is a good time to enter it. Press the blue "Have a coupon code?" to open up the Coupon Code Dialog. Enter your coupon code into the field, press the blue "Apply" button. If your code is valid, your discount will be displayed in this section.

If you have any questions on how billing works, you can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or directly contact us.

Payment Method

In the Payment Method section, you can enter your payment information into their respective fields.

The Payment Method Section

Enter your credit card number and its expiration date in their respective fields. The Rocketbots Platform accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Enter the 3-digit security code into the "CVV" field. This can be found on the back of your credit card.

Once you have entered your payment information, press the blue "SUBSCRIBE" button.

Billing History

Under billing history, you can look through a summarized list of all the payments done in the past. Each line represents a single transaction.

The Billing History Section

To view the full invoice, press the respective blue "DOWNLOAD" to download the invoice in PDF format.