Managing Multiple Workspaces

Accessing a Workspace

When a User logs in to the platform, they will be redirected to a Workspace dashboard by default. The displayed Workspace will default to the last Workspace they interacted with.
If the User does not have access to any Workspace, they will instead be redirected to the settings they have access to. This means that Admins, Billing Admins and User Admins will be redirected to organization settings while members who do not belong to any Workspace will be redirected to their personal settings.

Switching between Workspaces

Users can be invited to multiple Workspaces and they can switch between Workspaces if necessary. To do so, navigate to the Workspace switcher at the side navigation menu.
All the Workspaces that a User has access to will be listed along with the Organization.
A User can also search for the intended Workspace by typing in the Workspace's name.