WhatsApp Message Templates
Use WhatsApp Message Templates to re-engage with your contacts after the messaging window.

What is WhatsApp Message Templates?

As of now, our WhatsApp API Partners (excluding Chat API) has a timeout period that does not allow sending a message after 24 hours messaging window. This timeout period, also known as the Customer Care Window, starts from the last incoming message sent by the contact. However, there is a way to send messages after this window using a feature provided by WhatsApp known as Message Template.
WhatsApp Message Templates are plain text messages that are individually approved by the WhatsApp team to ensure they do not violate the WhatsApp policies. Businesses must use WhatsApp Message Templates when first reaching out to users or when sending a message 24h after the last message from the user. However, WhatsApp Message Templates does incur a cost for every message sent to a contact.

Setting up WhatsApp Message Template

In order to send these message template to the contacts, the message templates needs to be submitted for review and approval by WhatsApp. This can be done via the WhatsApp API Partners portal or Facebook.
Please refer to the respective WhatsApp API Partners to set up the WhatsApp Message Template :

Sending a WhatsApp Message Templates

If you need to reach your WhatsApp contacts after 24 hours, you can send them a WhatsApp Message Template. Before sending them a WhatsApp Message Template, you will need the following: - Message Templates approved by WhatsApp at the respective platform - Approved Message Templates defined in respond.io platform
When a WhatsApp contact's messaging window has expired, the messaging bar will be replaced with a SEND MESSAGE TEMPLATE button.
Step 1: Press Send Message Template Press the Send Message Template button located at the bottom of the Messaging module.
Step 2: Select the message template Choose the message template you would like to send to your contact
Step 3: Fill in the required fields Specify the parameters for the template and you may use Dynamic Variables to fill in the required fields.
Step 4: Send the message Review the information and press SEND when you are ready.
When a user is typing the values for the parameters, the parameters in Message Preview will be replaced with the values for users to review before sending it to the contact,
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