Sending Custom Notifications
Sending Custom Notifications via Dialogflow Intent Parameters.
By default, the Notification System will send notifications to platform users when a user sends a new message. Additional notifications can be created and sent to platform users using parameters in Dialogflow Intents.
To send a notification to platform users use the RB_NOTIFY parameter in your Dialogflow Intent(s).

Using The Notification Parameter

A notification can be sent to the platform using the RB_NOTIFY as the Parameter Name. The value of the parameter will be sent as the notification.
You may use dynamic variable in the value of the parameter by typing $dynamic.variable

Best Practices

Use the dynamic variable in order to let the platform user know which contact needs attention.
Use RB_NOTIFY together with RB_BOTSTATUS and RB_MARKDONE to ensure the contact gets the attention they need.
For more information on how notifications work on the Platform, you can take a look at the documentation page here.