Connecting a Channel

In order to start talking to your Contacts through the platform, a messaging channel needs to be connected. Here is a quick guide on how to connect a Channel.
Now that you have created the Workspace, you are one step closer to setting up the platform. Let's connect a Channel to the platform to start interacting with your Contacts.
Find the list of Channels supported on here​
Step 1: Connect a Channel
Click the CONNECT CHANNEL button to select a Channel
Alternatively, navigate to Settings > Channels and press ADD CHANNEL.
Step 2: Select a Channel to connect
The Channel selection dialog will open up and you can choose which Channel you would like to connect from there. At the top of every Channel is an indication of the difficulty level of connecting that Channel to manage expectations.
Select a preferred Channel and press NEXT when you are ready.
Step 3: Proceed with setting up the Channel
Every Channel requires a different method of configuration. Therefore, we have prepared step-by-step instructions for Users to follow.
You can read more about the setup guide for each Channel here:
We are constantly updating the step-by-step instructions with the latest information. If you find any mismatch of information, please do let us know here.

What's Next?

You have created a Workspace and connected a Channel. Now you can start inviting your teammates to collaborate.