Contact Details

The more contact details you have, the better insights you have while responding to them.

Getting Here

  1. Contact Profile You can retrieve each contact's details by clicking on their name or profile picture.

  2. View Details from Contact's menu For each record in the Contact's table, there is a menu where you can select to view contact details.

Contact Fields

Each contact has a specific set of fields that describes them and helps to provide context to the users while assisting them with their queries.

Contact Display

The contact display has the contact's name, country flag, profile picture and active channels. Refer to Standard Fields on how the values are sourced from.

Editing a contact's name

You can edit a contact's name by hovering over the contact's name and a pencil will appear. Press on the pencil for edit mode. Once you have made the change, press on the tick to confirm the changes.

Standard Fields





Contact Profile


The profile picture and display name are obtained from the channel where the user interacted.


First Name


Contact's first name that can be sourced from the channel or manually updated

Last Name


Contact's first name that can be sourced from the channel or manually updated



A representation of where the contact is originated from. The value can be sourced from the phone number or manually updated



Contact's language that can be source from the contact's browser, channel or manually updated

Email Address

Email Address

Contact's email address that can be sourced from the channel or manually updated

Phone Number

Phone Number

Contact's phone number that can be sourced from the channel or manually updated

Assigned To


The current assignee of whom the contact was assigned to

Conversation Status


The current indicating status of the contact


Learn more on how to add a WhatsApp contact.

Custom Fields

The custom fields configured in the space will be shown in the contact details too. The value for the custom fields can be updated according to its respective field type.


Lastly, the tags assigned to this contact will be visible at the bottom of the details view.

Tags are primarily used to organize users and it can later be used to filter contacts for other purposes such as broadcast or contact views.

You can make changes to the tags by adding and removing them from the field.

Adding a tag

To add a tag, type into the field of the desired tag. The field will suggest the existing tags that match your type query. You can select one of the existing tags or else, you can just create a new tag by hitting the Enter key.

Removing a tag

When a tag is no longer relevant to a contact, you can remove it from the contact by pressing on the of the tag.

Tips: Standardize the terms used for tagging and keep the number of tags on each user to a minimum and relevant. Tag pollution is bad.

More Actions

This menu is accessible at the top right of contact details by clicking on

View Messages

This option will redirect you to the Messaging Module and show the messages with the particular contact.

Delete Contact

Only Owners and Managers with no such restriction can perform this action!

If this contact is no longer relevant to the space, the contact can be deleted from the space. When you delete a contact, all messages associated with the contact will be deleted too.

Be careful when you delete a contact as it might contain useful information. Bear in mind that this deletion cannot be undone!