Dynamic Variables
Personalise your message with dynamic variables
Dynamic variables can be used to personalize outgoing messages. Addressing Contacts personally in Conversations can be a key component of relationship building by making them feel seen and included.
There are three types of dynamic variables possible on the platform:
Standard Contact Variables represent standard contact fields such as first name, last name and email.
Custom Field Variables represent customized fields added to the space.
Workflow Variables are temporary variables that exist only during a Workflow session. Once the Contact exits the Workflow, the value of the variable will be erased.

Dynamic Variables: Examples

Dynamic variables can be by included by adding the "quot; prefix to the contact field. The following are its syntax:
In Workflow Module: $contact or $field
In other modules apart from Workflow: @contact or @field
The platform supports the interpolation of static text + dynamic variables.

Contact Variables

Is replaced by the full name of the contact (First Name + Last Name).
Is replaced by the first name of the contact.
Is replaced by the last name of the contact.
Is replaced by the email of the Contact.
Is replaced by the Contact's country. If the Contact has no country stored, it will not be replaced and the actual string will be sent.

Custom Field Variables

Is replaced by the value in the custom field. For example, if the Custom Field "City" exists and one contact has the value "New York", sending @field.city will be replaced by New York.

How to use a dynamic variable?

Messaging Console

You can include a dynamic variable in your message while responding to a contact.
Besides contact fields, you can also include a custom field by typing the custom field's name.


Using dynamic variable in snippet
While composing a snippet content, you can include a dynamic variable to personalise your quick replies.
Tips: You can have multiple dynamic variables in a single content. Make use of them while composing your messages
Important: If the field you are trying to send is empty or the field does not exist at all, the string will not be replaced.


It is possible to save responses from the Contact as variables in the Ask a Question step.
then, use the dynamic variables saved in Workflow steps.

Workflow Steps that support dynamic variable

Send Message
Send Message
WhatsApp Template
Send Message
Facebook Tagged Message
Ask a Question
Question Text Field
Contact Field Condition
Variable Condition
Update Contact Field
Add Comment
Close Conversation
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