Under the Channel Settings section, you can see a list of existing Channels that you have connected to your Workspace. From here, you can edit and manage these Channels or add new ones.

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owners and Managers only!
This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Channels.
In this setting, you can:

Channel Overview

The Channels that are connected to this Workspace will be listed in alphabetical order. Each listed Channel has its own set of menu options.
Tips: Use the
at the top to quickly find the Channel that you are looking for.

Adding New Channels

Only Owners can connect Channels to the Workspace!
To add a new Channel to your existing Workspace, press the blue ADD CHANNEL button on the top of this section. For more information on adding new Channels, take a look at the Messaging Channels page.
Connect your Channel

Managing Channels

Each Channel provides a different set of functions and the functions are as follows:

Configure Channel

Press the blue CONFIGURE button to make changes to any of your existing channels.
You will be able to make changes to the Channel Name, which is how the Channel is referred to internally on the platform. You will also be able to change the Greeting Message, which is an optional message that is shown to new Contacts that first message you.
Additional options will also be available depending on the Channel-specific options.

Deleting Channel

To delete an existing Channel, press the DELETE button and follow the instructions on the screen. Doing so will completely remove the Channel from your Workspace. Contacts will not be deleted but they can no longer be contacted via the deleted Channel
Be careful when deleting a Channel from your Workspace. When a Channel is deleted, all its configurations will be deleted. Deletion cannot be undone.

Creating a Chat Menu

If your Channel supports the Chat Menu feature, you can create your own chat menu by pressing the CHAT MENU button. Pressing this button will open the Chat Menu Creator.
Chat Menu
Under the Chat Menu Creator, you can press the blue ADD BUTTON to start adding buttons to build your own chat menu.
For more information on chat menus, you can find more information here.

Acquiring Contacts from Post Comments

On Facebook Messenger, you can set up comment tracking for your Facebook Page or Ad campaign to convert Facebook users to messaging contacts.
Acquiring Contacts from FB Comments
For more information on acquiring Contacts from Facebook comments, you can visit the documentation page here.

API Token

API tokens are used to authenticate requests to's API. Each API token is specific to one Channel and can be used to programmatically create and update Contacts, Custom Fields, Tags and more.
To retrieve your channel API token, click the API button of the Channel.
Generate API Token
Press the blue GENERATE API TOKEN to generate an API token.
Refresh API Token
If there is a need to change the API Token, it can be refreshed here and the platform will then generate a different API token.


If you are having issues with Channels on the platform e.g., no incoming messages even though Channel is connected, click the TROUBLESHOOT button of the channel and follow the instructions provided.
Facebook Messenger Troubleshooting.
Issues with Channels like Facebook and WeChat can be resolved quickly by just pressing REFRESH PERMISSION in the Channel Troubleshooting.
Find out more information in messaging channels with the link below: