Away Message
The Away Message function sends an away message when activated.
This module is being replaced by Workflows and will be deprecated in January 2022
Check out this blog post to find out how to set up away messages using Workflows

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owner and Manager only!
This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Away Message.
In this settings, you can:

Enabling Away Message

Step 1: Navigate to Away Message settings From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Away Message.
Step 2: Enable Away Message Enable the toggle, Enable Away Message to activate the feature
Step 3: Set the delay time The delay will start counting after the last message received front a contact. Once it reaches the specified delay time, the specified message will be sent.
The delay time can only be set up to 15 minutes and no more than that due to technical considerations.
Step 4: Specify Away Message Specify the content of the message to be sent to the contact as Away Message.
The Away Message is only sent once per contact per session. This means the Away Message can only be sent to the same contact again, once you turn the away message off and turn it back on again.
When the Away Message is enabled, bot responses will be disabled by default.

Best Practices

Depending on how you set up your space, you may want to send the Away Message instantly or send it after some time.
If you have an automation set up when a contact opens the conversation or has an open conversation, you may want to give the contact some time to complete the automation before the Away Message is sent. β€Œ
On the other hand, if all you have is a Greeting Message, you may want to send the Away Message soon after the Greeting Message.
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