Automatic Assignment
When a contact opens a conversation, the contact can be assigned to users automatically using this feature.
This module is being replaced by Workflows and will be deprecated in January 2022
Check out this blog post to find out how to set up automatic assignment using Workflows

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owner and Manager only!
This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Automatic Assignment.
In this settings, you can:

Enabling Automatic Contact Assignment

Enabling automatic contact assignment will assign contacts with open conversation to users automatically based on the prescribed assignment method and configurations.
Step 1: Navigate to Automatic Assignment settings From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Automatic Assignment.
Step 2: Enable Automatic Assignment Enable the toggle, Enable Automatic Assignment to activate the feature
Step 3: Select an assignment method Select from the following assignment methods :
Step 4: Assign to online users only This step is optional
If you wish to assign the contacts with open conversation to online users only, enable the toggle, Assign to Online users only.
When this toggle is enabled, the platform will automatically contacts with open conversation to online users only.
In the case where no online users are available, the new unassigned contacts will remain unassigned and can be found in the 'New' list in the Messages module.
A 'Failed to Assign' message event will be triggered when there is no online user to assign the contact to.

Assignment Method

Round Robin Assignment

This method assigns contacts equally, one to each user. In another word, every new contact with an open conversation will be assigned to a user turn-based.

Assign to the User with least contacts

This method will allow the platform to assign the new contact with open conversation to the user with the least contacts assigned.
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