Look through the collected data and create new surveys.
This module is being replaced by Workflows and will be deprecated in January 2022

Getting Here

This module is accessible by Owner and Manager only!
This module can be accessed from the side navigation menu under the menu item, Surveys.
The Surveys Module allows you to browse through the results of your past surveys. From here, you can also create new surveys to be sent out.
Surveys are best used to quickly and automatically collect information from a large volume of your contacts. By sending surveys, you are able to collect and record qualitative data as well as save important information as custom fields.

Surveys Overview

From this table, you can see a summary of all the surveys that have been added to the platform.
Tips: Use the
at the top of the Survey Module to quickly find the survey that you are looking for.

Survey Name

The name given to identify the survey


The unique ID to identify the survey when integrating with an API


A short brief of the survey and the expected outcome

Total Users

The total count of users participated in the survey

Date Added

The date of when the survey was added


You can perform the following actions with surveys :

Creating a new Survey

Step 1: Navigate to Survey Module From the side navigation menu, select Survey from the menu
Step 2: Press ADD SURVEY At the top bar, press the blue ADD SURVEY button and the Create New Survey dialog should open up.
Creating a New Survey
Step 3: Name the survey and describe it Enter a name for the new survey along with a short description. These fields will help you identify the survey to be sent and understand the intentions.
Step 4: Add a Question By default, you will be presented with a text question. If you do not wish to proceed with a text question, you may add another question type and remove the text question.
Editing Survey Question

Question Prompt

The Question Prompt is the actual question message that the contact will see. Try to be concise and specific so the contact can understand exactly what you are asking.

Saving as Custom Field

If you wish to save the response as a contact's custom field, it is possible by checking the box Save as Custom Field. When the box is checked, you will need to select which custom field to save the value to.
Tips: You may want to save important information about the contact that's useful outside of the survey, such as their email address or phone number, as custom fields. This way, this information becomes easily accessible under their contact profile.

Step 5: Adding Additional Questions

A survey can have only up to 5 questions and no more than that!
You can continue to add more questions to the survey by pressing the blue ADD QUESTION at the bottom.
You can select from the following question type:
This field will accept any text-based answers from the contact.
This field will only accept a number value for an answer. You also have the option to set minimum and maximum values for your expected answer.
Phone Number
This field will only accept a phone number value for an answer.
This field will only accept a specific date as an answer.
Multiple Choice
The contact will be given several options to select from.
Each option is limited to 20 characters only.
This field will only accept an email address
This looks for website URLs.
The contact will be given an option for ratings of 1-5 stars.
This field will only accept valid URLs
Any answer that does not conform to the selected response format will be rejected.
If you need to reorder the questions, you can simply drag the questions around. Press on the delete
to remove the question from the sequence.
When you send a survey with Multiple Choice question to 360dialog contacts, it will be sent as a WhatsApp Interactive Message where the options will show as interactive buttons in the message.

Step 6: Fallback Message

If the contact's response does not match the response format, you have the option to send them a Fallback Message. This is useful for restating the question more clearly or to be more specific on the expected response format.
The survey will be automatically cancelled when users fail to provide an appropriate answer three times in a row. This is to prevent them from being prompted again.
You can also add multiple fallback messages by pressing the blue plus button, in which case a random Fallback Message will be chosen each time.
If this is left blank, the platform will simply restate the original question once more.
Step 7: Define a Survey Success Message
The survey success message will be shown when a contact completed the survey. It can help manage the contact's expectation when the survey has ended.
Tips: Include a thank you note or promo code to reward your contacts for completing the survey
Step 8: Define a Survey Error Message
The error message will be displayed to contacts who exited the survey without completing it.
Some contacts do not wish to participate in surveys and hence, they will quit the survey on purpose. You can use this message to apologize to them or teach them how to opt-out from future surveys to prevent a bad user experience.
Important: Take note that if users had a fallback three times in a row, the survey will be automatically cancelled.

Sending Surveys

You can send a survey to your contacts with the following method:

Messaging Console

While responding to your contact, you can send a survey by pressing on the clipboard icon,
on the messaging bar.

Using Automation Rule

A survey can be set as one of action defined in a automation rule. You can send a survey to a contact automatically when an event is triggered. Refer here on how to create an automation rule.
Tips: Send a survey to your contact when they are marked done to ask for customer service feedback.

Using Broadcast

If you need to send out a survey to a large number of your contacts, you can do so with the broadcast module by specifying survey as one of the content. Refer here on how to create a broadcast.
A survey is only valid for 7 days from the time it is sent. Once it passes the 7 days validity period, the contact can no longer responds to the survey.

Viewing Survey Results

You can view a list of the responses to a specific survey by accessing its Surveys Results page. Navigate to this page by selecting Survey Results under the More Actions dropdown,
Survey Results Page
Tips: 1. Use the
at the top to quickly search for the response you are looking for. You can search by Name, Channel Source or Channel Name. 2. You can sort the results by Name, Channel and Submission Date by clicking on the column headers.

Editing an Existing Survey

You can update any existing survey by pressing the Edit button under the More Actions dropdown.
From here, you can make necessary changes to an existing survey and press the UPDATE button to save your changes.
Be mindful when you make changes to a survey as the surveys are shared across the space with other users. Editing a survey may affect other users in the space.

Deleting a Survey

If a survey is no longer relevant or it went out of context, it can be deleted from the space by choosing Delete from the actions menu.
When you delete a survey, the responses will be deleted too.
Be careful when you delete a survey as it may be used by other users in the space. Bear in mind that the deletion cannot be undone.
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