Reseller Program

Become an official Rocketbots Reseller Partner.

Official Rocketbots Reseller Partners are companies who set up and resell the Rocketbots Platform on their own domain, with their own branding, support and billing.

Reseller Partners have access to white-label features on the Rocketbots Platform, allowing them to rebrand the platform and host it on their own domain. Rocketbots becomes the supplier behind the scenes, but from the perspective of the Reseller's customers, the Reseller Partner is their company.

As such, a Reseller Partner is able to provide the Platform and their service together, setting their own prices and pocketing the difference.

For more information, you can look at the Reseller Program page on Rocketbots.

Becoming a Reseller

To become an official Reseller Partner, visit the Reseller Program page on Rocketbots. Here, you can take look at the Reseller Program features in more detail.

Once you are ready, press the orange "Become a Reseller" button. This will take you to a short application form for you to apply for the Rocketbots Reseller Program.

The Reseller Program Application Form

Once you have filled your information into the form, press the blue "Submit" button. After submitting the form, you will have to give the Rocketbots Team up to 72 hours to review your application.

The Rocketbots team will get in contact with you to help you create your Reseller Account.

Setting Up Your Reseller Account

Once you have obtained your Reseller Account, you will have access to the Reseller Module on the Rocketbots Platform.

As a Reseller Account, the Reseller Module is linked to your account. You can navigate to the Reseller Module from the user dropdown menu on the top right of the platform. Click on your account name to open the user dropdown menu and select the "Reseller" option.

The Reseller Module

For more information on the Reseller Module, you can look at the documentation page.

Rebranding the Platform

Once you are in the Reseller Module, you can start customizing the appearance of the platform to suit your brand in the Platform Appearance section. Any changes made here will reflect how your customers will see your platform.

The Platform Appearence Section

First, enter your Brand Name into the respective field. Your brand name will be shown in a number of places (e.g. in notification emails).

Your Brand Theme Color will change the color theme of the platform. This includes the color of the top bar and buttons on the platform.

You can upload your Brand Logos here. You will also need a full white version of the logo and a square version. Note that only JPG, PNG, or SVG formats are accepted.

Logos uploaded within Rocketbots domain will be hosted on Do upload within the Reseller Platform to host the logos on Reseller domain.

Rebranding the Platform

You can make changes to the Platform Appearance at any time and it will be updated on both the Rocketbots Platform and on your Reseller Platform.

Creating Your Reseller Platform

To create your Reseller Platform, you will need to set up your Custom Domain Name. This is where your Reseller Platform will be located.

In the Reseller Module, scroll down to the Custom Domain Name section.

The Custom Domain Name Section

Under the Custom Domain Name section, enter the custom domain that you wish to host your Reseller Platform.

To complete setting up the custom domain name, you will need to update your DNS settings with a new CNAME record that points to

For more information on how to set up the custom domain name for your Reseller Platform, you can take a look at this guide:

Once your CNAME records have updated, you will be able to log onto your Reseller Platform through your domain.

Your Reseller Platform

To access your Reseller Platform, you will need to log in through your custom domain.

Signing into the Reseller Platform

Spaces your create and users you invite on the Reseller Platform, which is hosted on your domain, will be kept separately from the Rocketbots Platform.

Your customers will be using your Reseller Platform that is hosted on your domain. Their Spaces for your customers should be created on the Reseller Platform and will only be accessible through your Reseller Platform. Your customer's accounts would be created on your Reseller Platform, and as such, will only be able to log in and access your Reseller Platform.

Spaces you already own on the Rocketbots Platform stay under the Rocketbots domain. You can still continue to access them through Rocketbots.

Spaces for your customers should be located on your Reseller Platform. These Spaces would only be accessible by your customers through your Reseller Domain.

Creating Spaces for Your Customers

Spaces for your customers should be located on your Reseller Platform. Ideally, you would create a Space for each of your customers. You can do this through the Reseller Module (on the Reseller Platform or on Rocketbots).

On the Reseller Module, scroll down to the Spaces section.

The Spaces Section

In the Spaces section, press the "Add Space" button to add a Space on the Reseller Platform.

The Add Space Dialog

Note that the Add Space Dialog specifically states that the created space will be accessible through on your Reseller Domain.

You can select Space Name and choose the Primary Language of the Space as you normally would.

As a Reseller, you can also choose to limit the number of Contacts the Space can have. Note that this can always be changed later.

Adding Users

Once you have created the Space, you can give the customer access in the Spaces section of the Reseller Module. Next to each Space on the far left, open the More Actions dropdown menu. Look for the icon that resembles three vertical dots. From the dropdown menu, select the "Add User" option.

Adding a New User

In the Add Users dialog, enter the email address of your customer. Once you have done so, press the "Add" button.

This will send an invitation link to your customer's email address, where they can create their account on your Reseller Platform.

Users invited this way will have the role of Owner and have complete access to everything on the Space they were invited to. You can invite multiple people to each Space this way.

Invite the main members of the customer's Space this way. You or the Space Owners can always invite more collaborators with lower access levels to the Space through the Settings Module.

Because these Users are invited to a Space located on your Reseller Module, their accounts will only be able to access your Reseller Platform on your domain.