Get insights on the performance of the workforce on the platform
Reports Module is only available to Business or Enterprise Plans only. Please upgrade or subscribe to a Business or Enterprise Plan if you wish to use this feature!

Getting Here

This module is accessible by Owner and Manager only!
This module can be accessed from the side navigation menu under the menu item, Reports.
Reports Module
This module will provide more insights on your workforce's performance on the platform and can help a business to make informed decision based on the information gathered through the platform.
This feature is under Beta testing and will soon be available to Business and Enterprise plans only!
Be sure to update your space's Timezone settings so the data shown is according to your preferred timezone.

Report Tabs

In this module, there are 5 different reporting tabs based on the main entities of the platform. The tabs are as follows :-
  • Conversations
  • Users
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Logs
Each tabs consists of metrics, charts and listing related to the entity.

Report Filters

Each tabs has its own set of report filters that enable user to perform in-depth analysis or create insightful information from the reports.

Report Actions

At the top right corner of this module, users can print the report of the selected tab by clicking on the print button.
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