Become an official Partner.

Reseller Program

By becoming an official Reseller Partner, you will be able to set up your cloud white-labeled business using the Platform, with your own branding, support, and billing. will become your supplier behind the scenes, but from your customers' perspective, you are their company. Set your own prices and pocket the difference.
You will be able to rebrand the website and use your own domain. Sell our product and your service together with a brand name your customer can trust.
With access to unlimited Spaces on the platform, you will be able to assign each of your customers to their own Space. You can also assign contact limits to each individual Space and customer.

You would want to become a Reseller Partner if:

  • You want to promote your own brand
  • You want to provide our product on your own domain
  • You want to set your own pricing

You can promote your own brand by:

  • Customizing the platform to your own brand and domain
  • Promoting the product on your own website
  • Offering the product and service to your existing customers
If you are interested in becoming an official Reseller Partner, check out our Reseller Program page to apply as a Reseller Partner.