Manage the spaces created within your organization

Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Organization Admin, Billing Admin and User Admin of all Legacy Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans only!
This setting can be accessed from the Organization Settings navigation menu under the menu item, Spaces.
From this setting, you can:

Spaces Overview

Here, you will be able to see the list of Spaces in the organization.

Space Name

The name used to identify the space in the organization

No of Users

The count of users assigned to the space

No of Contacts

The contact count utilised by the space

Date Added

The date of which the space was added


Tips: Use the
at the top to quickly find the space that you are looking for.

Managing Spaces

These following features are only available to Organization Admin and User Admin.

Adding a Space

A space can only be added if the space limit of the Organization's subscription has not exceeded the limit.
Step 1: Navigate to Space Settings From the Organization Settings navigation menu, select Spaces from the menu
Step 2: Press ADD SPACE At the top bar, press the blue ADD SPACE button and the Add Space dialog should open up.
Step 3: Name the Space Enter an appropriate name for the new space which will help the admins to identify the space.
Step 4: Create the Space Press NEXT to proceed to the next step.
Step 5: Invite Users to Space The Space is now created with no users assigned. By default, the first user row will reflect the user performing the action. If you do not need to add any users at this point, you can choose to skip this step.
You can always assign a user to spaces by editing their access here!
Step 4: Submit the details Press INVITE USERS to proceed to the next step.

Editing the Space

Step 1: Navigate to Space Settings From the Organization Settings navigation menu, select Spaces from the menu
Step 2: Search for the Space Select EDIT from the actions menu or press on the space you intend to edit.
If you have an organization with a white-label module, you will have access to limit the number of contacts in a space.
Enabling the Contact Limit option will result in the space will no longer be able to receive messages from new contacts once the space has reached the contact limit.
Step 3: Make the necessary changes Make the intended changes to the users and press SAVE when you are ready.
Note: Billing Admins can only view spaces and make no changes.

Deleting the Space

When a Space is no longer in use, it can be deleted by selecting Delete from the actions menu.
Doing so will permanently destroy all of your contacts, channels, fields, and any another other data associated with your Space.
Deleting your Space is a permanent action and will remove the data forever. We will not be able to recover any data after you delete your Space.
If you wish to keep any data or information, be sure to export them before deleting your Space
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