Letting contacts unsubscribe from broadcasts using Dialogflow Intent Parameters.
Every now and then you will have a contact text you "STOP". This is likely because they no longer want to receive broadcasts. Setting RB_SUBSCRIBE as false in Dialogflow will unsubscribe users from all future broadcasts.
Bot responses and direct messages will not be affected.

Using the Subscription Parameter

With RB_SUBSCRIBE, you can subscribe or unsubscribe a contact to the bot by setting the value to true or false respectively. Unsubscribed contacts are excluded from future platform broadcasts.
Unsubscribing from Future Broadcasts

Best Practices

If you are using the RB_SUBSCRIBE parameter to manage broadcast permissions you should create a custom field in Rocketbots to display a users subscription status. This can be done by using the RB_FIELD_[NAME] parameter together with RB_SUBSCRIBE.