Using events to trigger intents.
Aside from user inputs, events are also used to trigger intents. Any intents with the event name listed under the β€œEvents” section will be triggered when an event occurs.
The Events Section on Diaglogflow
A good example of this is the default WELCOME event, which is already built into Dialogflow. This event is triggered whenever a new user begins chatting with the bot.

Parametric URLs

Any intents with the events for REF_[PARAM] or REF_START_[PARAM] are triggered when the user arrives from a parametric URL. Example :[PARAM].
If you would like a custom parameter to trigger a Dialogflow intent, please ensure the parameter has a prefix of REF_ on the intent's event configuration. Example : REF_PARAM
Referring to the example above, if you want to trigger an intent from , add REF_MEDIUM to the intent's event configuration.
Bear in mind that the REF prefix is not necessary for WELCOME event as this event is a default event built in Dialogflow.
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